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Looking for something fresh to inspire your team or reward them for a job well done? Take your employees off for a motivational team building event or party with Off Limits and relight the team spirit fire. We have over 14 years experience in the corporate events industry. Let us help you motivate and inspire your workforce with creative tasks and team challenges. Every event can be tailored to suit each individual group. Bespoke days are our big thing, so don't hesitate to highlight your specific needs.

Team building, reward, and motivation are about much more than a meal at the restaurant next to the office. Treat your workforce to a day of team games in the UK. Whisk them away for a treasure hunt. Or unleash the creative spirit and make your own music video. We're called 'Off Limits' for a good reason! Our incentive events and team-building challenges are imaginative, fun, and designed to keep the spark alive and kicking in your workforce.

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