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Haka Team Building Activity

  This traditional and ancient Maori Tribal dance acts as a perfect teambuilding activity, or workshop. It brings people together and gives them a shared experience.

Your delegates enter the room, and all seems well. The doors shut behind the last guests, and the world music that has been playing as they enter, is increased in volume; signifying the start. Suddenly...silence. Then the Roar of 'the call' ... the loud and exciting tribal call of the lead tribesman...

He then performs the 'HAKA' to the delight (and surprise) of your guests. Within moments of finishing, we welcome everyone, and take them on a whirlwind workshop where they will learn and perform the HAKA as one unified team. Delegates will also be set the task of designing their own tribal markings.

Building towards a powerful finale performance, each team will go head to head in a bit of healthy tribal competition and have the opportunity to have their tribal markings painted for the full effect.

Then the battle for tribal supremacy is won as we come together as one tribe for the ultimate Haka.

You will feel the Power!

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