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Movie Creation Team Building Activity

  As your guests arrive at the 'movie set' they will be greeted by the hugely famous (well could have been � if he had tried harder and actually gone to Hollywood!) Film Director.

After the initial introduction to the crew the Director will paint the picture on what the guests have to achieve within the time scales set. In effect each team will have to create a scene from a famous Hollywood movie using the props and equipment provided.

Once the briefing is over the teams will be asked to select a 'Golden Envelope' which contains details of the scene that they need to create. In addition they have to ensure that at the end of their scene they provide a link for the next team.

Whilst each team will perform a different scene they will be all linked to create one movie. We will provide the movie that they have to work to and this could be anything from Ghostbusters to Braveheart!

The teams will have to assign a Director, Head of Props, Starring Role, Camera Man and the Film Extra�s. In addition they must ensure that all members of the team appear in their scene at least once.

The Director and his crew will be observing throughout the event and noting any observations that they make. This could result in points been deducted from there final score. Although points could be added!

The final film will be viewed by our panel of judges and the audience (made up of the guests attending the event) at the conclusion and scores will be given.

The Director will then close the event with the awards nominations � Have you got your acceptance speech ready? Will the tears be flowing?

This event will ensure that all teams work together with one goal, communicating with other teams to ensure that they have seamless links, and be responsible as one group for the final production.

In doing so the guests will be taken out of their comfort zones and be asked to take part in an event that does involve them having to race against time, be creative and draw on the strengths of their colleagues in order to get results.

This is all done in a fun environment and concludes with a highly comical final preview!

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