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Rocket Icebreaker Team Building Activity

  An excellent event to either get a conference off to a good start or add that little extra energy mid way through the day. The event is designed to get guests participating in an event that is mentally challenging with a competitive edge.

Often at the start of a conference guests have driven a long way or have had a very early start and it is difficult to get the attention of all participants if they go straight into the meeting. This event is also designed to get everyone working and thinking from the word go!

The group will be divided into teams and will be given a 'Top Secret' flight case containing all they need to design and construct their rocket.

During the construction process the teams have to calculate how to ensure that the longest flight will be achieved by their rocket using only the materials provided! Points are awarded for the distance flown.

We will also judge the rockets prior to launch and additional bonus points awarded for aesthetic value.

As the event draws to a close and the rockets are prepared ready for launch the atmosphere is tense! Will your rocket win?

The rockets are then launched and fly in all directions much to the amazement of the guests � and the winner is announced.

As guests then make their way to the conference the atmosphere is upbeat and the talk is of nothing else but how well they had done. An excellent start to any day!

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