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Sticks, Strings, Blindfolds and Things Team Building Activity

  The most effective way to motivate a team either before, during or after a conference is to provide them with a range of challenges which encourage interaction and creativity. We have devised a range of challenges that combine together to provide a high energy event which is great fun to participate in whilst having fun and interacting with colleagues.

This event can turn a quiet unresponsive audience into a very competitive group who quickly get to know their colleagues in a very short period of time.

After the initial introduction a few short and simple exercises will be delivered to initially break the ice but also to ensure that we can create teams randomly before going into a range of challenges. The initial challenges will consist of the following:

  • What's you name?
  • Month by month
  • Random division

  • Once the teams have been defined then some of the following challenges will commence:

    Human Slip Knot

    The team must hold hands and form a human chain � a coloured band will be placed in-between two people of the chain. All the teams have to do is pass the band around the chain without letting go. Once they have completed this a second band will be introduced � the two bands must be passed around the circle in the same way as before but each band must travel in the opposite direction.

    Caning It

    Divided into groups - each team are given a selection of canes and elastic bands � all the team have to do is turn a container over and place a object into the container using the canes and from a distance � simple or is it? Some frustrating results!


    Divided into groups of three people; teams stand in line � one is the robot, one is the communicator and the other is speaker. Using combined efforts they must collect an object from random locations.

    Human Sheep Herding

    The shepherd must guide the blindfolded teams into the pen with the help of Zing, Zap, Zip, Zong, Zig and Zag!!!


    The teams must communicate to create letters from the alphabet using their bodies � this can be done as individuals or they can combine forces with other team members. Concluding with 'The End'

    Shape Sorter

    Using rope as the main element teams must do two things. Firstly create a circle and then create a square. The dilemma they are then faced with is how do they get a square peg into a round hole?

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