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Sweet Success Team Building Activity

  The sweet success challenge is a favourite with everyone. The objective is for teams to build a box of original chocolates within a limited time scale and budget. They must also create the packaging and design a marketing strategy to sell their chocolate sensation.

The Objectives:

  • To Stimulate Creativity And Thinking
  • To Encourage More Ideas, Adaptations And Innovations
  • To Break Down Facades
  • To Demonstrate The Value Of Group Effort
  • Budgetary Control
  • To Have Fun As A Team And Eat Chocolate!
  • The Brief
  • Teams need to plan their time carefully and watch their budget to ensure they can meet the requirements to:
  • Create and make a selection of chocolates.
  • Design a marketing strategy to take into account the sector, pricing, promotion, profit and brand.
  • Present ideas to the judges.
  • Create an advert to promote the chocolates.
  • The Result

    The end product will be scored on quality, profitability, originality, teamwork, variety and effectiveness of the marketing plan. Presentations at the end of the session prove to be a hilarious and great end to a perfect team challenge!

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